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Online Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Education Only

$641.00 USD $743.00
 ONLY $1100


We hold a 100% Satisfactory rate with all of our students that have completed their courses with Mrs.BeautyBar. All Students have successfully built their own businesses and are flourishing.

Throughout this Online Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Training Course, you will be provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your own business as well as learning how to whiten teeth correctly, safely and with confidence. 

We want the absolute best for our students and want them to graduate feeling confident and comfortable by stepping out of their comfort zone to grow their business. This is why we are here every step of the way! 

You will also receive:

 A massive 25% OFF all Kira Kollective Supplies & Beauty Cosmetics Store Wide for Life! 
24/7 Support
Chance to hire out the MBB beauty studio for shadow lessons for more hands on experience (only $40 per lesson)

Upon enrolment you agree to the policies placed.
Find policies on The Academy Page

All Online Training has no time limit so you can study during your own time in the comfort of your own home or take your study on the go as our Online Training is compatible with all Smartphones, iPads/Tablets & Laptops/Computers!
Below is a basic run down of each chapter of the course:

Module 1: Welcome
Course Introduction
Teeth Whitening LED Light Machine
Work Area Preparation and Routine Chores

Module 2: How to Start up your Teeth Whitening Business
Create a Unique Name and Logo
Register Your Business / ABN / Email
Check Your Local Council and Regulations
Create a Business Bank Account / PayPal
Create a Savings Account for Tax Purposes
Business Insurance
- Quotation Form Template
Marketing Products
Social Media Account
Consent Waiver / Liability Template
Assignment 1: Your Unique Name & Logo
Assignment 2: Preparation

Module 3: Legislation & Legal Limits
Legislation & Legal Limits

Module 4. History on Teeth Whitening
History on Teeth Whitening

Module 5: Tooth Education
 The Anatomy of a Tooth
The Anatomy of Gums
Assignment 3: Complete the Activity

Module 6: Veneers, Invisalign, Crowns / Caps & Artificial Teeth
Crowns / Caps
Artificial Teeth

Module 7: Whitening vs Bleaching
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Bleaching

Module 8: Tooth Discolouration & Staining
Tooth Discolouration
Tooth Staining
What Causes Teeth Staining
Foods That Stain Teeth
Drinks That Stain Teeth
Other Habits That Can Stain Teeth
Assignment 4: Food Staining
Assignment 5: Drink Staining

Module 9: How Does Teeth Whitening Work?
How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Module 10: How White Can Teeth Go? & The Risks Involved
How White Can Teeth Go?
The Risks

Module 11: The Teeth Shade Guide
Understanding the Teeth Shade Guide

Module 12. Who Can & Cannot Receive Teeth Whitening?
Who Cannot Receive Teeth Whitening?
Best Candidates For Teeth Whitening
Module 13. Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Hand Washing
Protective Wear
Module 14. The Procedure
Before the Treatment
Starting the Treatment
Assignment 6 : Gingival Practice
Assignment 7 : Gingival Practice
Module 15. The After Care
After Care for Clients
Module 16. How to Price
Price List
Assignment 8 : Your Price List
Module 17. Touch Ups & Follow Ups
When Should the Client Come Back?

Module 18. Groups & Mobile Services
Group Services
Mobile Services
Module 19. Cost vs Profit
Control Spending
Keeping Records
Module 20. Apps & Subscriptions
Apps & Subscriptions to help your business grow

  Final Quiz
Assessment 1. Before Photos
Assessment 2. Preparation
Assessment 3. Gingival Application
Assessment 4. Gel Application
Assessment 5. After Photos