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Nano Mister

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Nano Mister

Upgrade your lash game with our Nano Mister,  This compact device is a must-have for every lash technician, providing a fine, refreshing mist to add moisture, cure the adhesive and add comfort after eyelash extensions application.

  • Moisture Magic: Our Nano Mister applies a light mist that helps rid the air of adhesive fumes, soothing your client's eyes and improving their overall experience.

  • Enhanced Retention: Unlike traditional tools like Air Puffers or Conditioning Fans, the Nano Mister's moisture helps cure the adhesive, creating a stronger bond for better lash retention. Your clients will enjoy beautiful lashes that last longer.

  • Optimal Application: Hold the Nano Mister at a distance of 30cm from the face to ensure a gentle, even mist without any water droplets, guaranteeing a comfortable and effective application.

  • Pretty in Pink: With its stylish PINK color, the Nano Mister adds a touch of elegance to your lash station. It's not just a practical tool; it's a statement piece.

  • USB Convenience: Charge your Nano Mister with ease thanks to the included USB charger. It's ready whenever you are.

    Colour: Pink 
    USB Port (Charger Included)