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Adhesive Wipes

Adhesive Wipes

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Say goodbye to clogged nozzles, stuck & stubborn caps, and a sticky mess with these Adhesive Wipes. These remarkable wipes are designed for lash artists who demand precision and cleanliness in their work.

Highly absorbent and completely lint-free, these wipes are perfect for maintaining pristine tools and clean adhesive nozzles. Whether it's cleaning jade stones, adhesive, lashing pallets, or tweezers, our Adhesive Wipes ensure every detail of your work remains impeccable.

Make every glue drop count with our simple and reliable maintenance solution. Just reach for one of these lint-free wipes, and effortlessly clear the nozzle after each application. With a generous 200 pieces per pack, you'll have an abundance of these essential tools at your fingertips.

    • 200 pcs
    • Lint-free
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