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Butterfly Bond 10ml 1-2 sec Lash Adhesive

Butterfly Bond 10ml 1-2 sec Lash Adhesive

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Introducing the all-new Butterfly Bond 1-2 Second Dry Time Eyelash Extension Adhesive – a captivating reinvention of our beloved Obsidian Bond, now elegantly presented in a generous 10ml bottle. Prepare to spread your artistic wings and create lash magic like never before.

Butterfly Bond is the adhesive that will make your lash application take flight. With a swift drying time of just 1-2 seconds, you'll experience a seamless and efficient application process. This adhesive empowers you to craft stunning lash extensions that stand the test of time, ensuring your clients leave feeling like true beauties.

Meticulously formulated for top-tier retention, Butterfly Bond guarantees your clients enjoy weeks of luscious lashes. Whether you're crafting classic or volume lash looks, this adhesive offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

The new 10ml bottle not only offers an abundance of adhesive for your lash artistry but also flaunts a chic and contemporary design. It's more than just an adhesive; it's a striking addition to your lash station.

Elevate your lash game with Butterfly Bond – the adhesive that allows your creativity to soar. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to efficient, impeccable results. Your clients will adore the longevity, and you'll relish the ease of application. Get ready to create masterpieces – grab your Butterfly Bond!

For Professional Use Only


  • We do not ship adhesives/liquids over the weekend due to temperature control.
  • All adhesives ordered from Thursday to Sunday, will be dispatched our following business day.
  • We do not carry any responsibility for glues going off or "expiring" due to hot weather conditions or incorrect storage.
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