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Glue Pallet Covers

Glue Pallet Covers

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Our Glue Pallet Covers are designed to streamline your process and maintain a clean workspace. These perfect paper-like finish Glue Pallet Covers are compatible with all professional adhesives, ensuring seamless integration into your lash services. These covers serve as protective shields for your glue pallet or stone, preventing unwanted residue and simplifying cleanup post-service.

Crafted from waterproof paper, they offer durability and resilience, ensuring your workspace remains tidy and efficient.

With a convenient sticker size of approximately 5cm, these covers are both practical and versatile. 

  • Colour: White
  • 60 pieces per pack
  • 12 pieces per page
  • Material: Waterproof Paper
  • Sticker Size: 5cm appx*
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