Love Locked Super Bonder

$27.50 AUD

Introducing the Love Locked Super Bonder – your secret to unlocking the full potential of lash retention, boosting it by up to an astonishing 30%!

This game-changing product is designed to elevate your lash extension artistry to new heights, and it's compatible with ANY adhesive on the market. However, the results are truly enchanting when paired with our Dreamy Bond or Butterfly Bond Adhesive.

The Love Locked Super Bonder is a game-changer in lash care. It not only enhances lash retention but also works its magic in minimizing fumes from the adhesives, offering a more comfortable and irritation-free experience for your clients. Say goodbye to the long waiting times – this bonder cures the adhesive within minutes!

Your clients will love the convenience of not having to wait 24-48 hours to wet their lashes. The Love Locked Super Bonder transforms the lash extension process, ensuring that your clients leave your studio feeling beautiful, confident, and ready to flaunt their stunning lashes from the moment they step out the door.

Maximise your lash retention and client satisfaction with the Love Locked Super Bonder. It's not just a bonder; it's the key to lash perfection. Elevate your lash game – get the Love Locked Super Bonder today and let your clients unlock their lash potential!

For Professional Use Only

- After completing the lash set, dry the lashes and wait 2-3 minutes
- Apply 1 Drop onto lip wand or micro brush
- Apply onto the adhesive bond of the lash set
- Allow the Super Bonder to dry for 3 minutes or use fan to dry

  • Size: 15ml
  • Increase Retention up to 30%
  • Reduce Client Irritation
  • Instantly cure adhesive
  • 1 bottle = 100-200 clients